Welcome to Kythera… welcome to “Zathea Αpartments”

“Kythera” means… wild beauty, vivid contrasts, magnificent landscape untouched by time, a  crossroad of seas, people and culture. With its vibrant history to burst from every corner, the island induces pirates and conquerors, placate the saltiness with thyme honey, inebriate with the image of the celestial goddess and love… and keep its promise through the centuries. The island that inspired poets and painters promises to unfold the beauty in any one  that will share his secrets  with its summer evening mist.

“Zathea” means “holy”, that was the Homeric description for the Island of Kythera, due to the establishment of Aphrodites Temple at that period.

A complex of modern minimalist design, located in the most touristic destination of Kythera, in the village of Agia Pelagia, built on a small hillside with spectacular views of the delightful village, the small port and the beaches of Agia Pelagia.

The rooms were designed to provide the feeling of a private residence, comfortable and remarkable from the inside as well as the outside and the decoration is characterized by simplicity, detail and elegance.