Erotic rhapsody ..

A dance of colors, images, contrasts, scents….

Imposing gorges rip the hard stone creating shelters of lush vegetation, natural springs, waterfalls, high mountains, ruined castles, stone bridges, inviting squares, numerous villages and Byzantine churches, huge rocks submerged in the blue sea, lighthouses, relics of a bygone era, together with the unique architecture set up a wonderful landscape palette.

Υour journey to this place will not look like any other.

Let the scents of thyme and myrtle to water-logging your senses, open your soul and start.

Drive through the paths of history of the island, and let the solitude of Paleochora area to narrate its story.

Admire the beauty of nature from the Venetian castle of the Chora country, with the twin bays of Kapsali laying at its roots.

Eavesdrop the incessant dance of the fairy in the waterfall, dragging her dress in the overgrown ravine next to the mills and then come back and rest at the square in the shade of the ancient plane trees , in order to continue your tour to the Venetian castle in Kato Chora.

Dive into blue waters, into picturesque coves , into endless beaches, and discover the authentic flavors in the taverns of the island.

See the sun sink into the purple sea that is spread over the cliffs of St. Elessas,

Do your afternoon stroll in the picturesque port of Avlemonas and live a magical full moon night in the castle of Kythira.

You will not learn everything about Kythera in these pages. All will be revealed to you upon your arrival.

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